Serving the Bay Area's Orthotic and Prosthetic Needs

Applied Orthotics & Prosthetics has been serving the prosthetic and orthotic needs of patients in the San Francisco Bay area since 1977. The practitioners at Applied O&P are committed to using the latest technology and products to ensure that every patient receives the best fit that will result in the best results possible.

The practitioners at Applied Orthotics & Prosthetics understand the prosthetic needs of people with limb loss and people who use orthotic braces for various parts of the body including back braces. We work with each patient to ensure that the products and services they receive meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Treating Upper and Lower Limb Loss Amputees

The skilled practitioners at Applied Orthotics & Prosthetics are trained in treating both lower and upper limb loss amputees and people born with missing limbs. We work extensively with amputees who are looking to get back into sports and athletics.

Bracing Expert and Orthotic Fitters On-Staff

Applied Orthotics & Prosthetics fabricates many orthotics in-house and has experienced orthotic fitters to ensure the right brace and the right fit for each patient. Whether the brace is for the leg or foot or for the back to treat scoliosis, Applied Orthotics & Prosthetics will take the time and care the patient deserves every time.

Contact Applied Orthotics & Prosthetics today with questions, to schedule an appointment or to learn more about starting services with us.